Amazing group of artists & crafters, wonderful places to eat, family activities and more.

Welcome to a rich tapestry of talent on our Town and Country saunters from Durban to Hilton.

We have handpicked some of the best places to eat, interesting and fun things to do and you are invited into the studios of talented crafters and artists for a private view.

This beautiful area includes golden beaches, palms and lush subtropical vegetation, stunning gorges and mountains as far as the eye can see, Midland mellowness, African plain landscapes with wildlife and both the colonial and the traditional. It encompasses much of what South Africa is, and the travelling time from the base of Saunter 1 to the top of Saunter 5, without stopping … just 1 to 2 hours! Of course, it is the stops that make the journey special.

Staying overnight gives you the best way to imbibe the local vibes. This part of South Africa is famously laid back, so relax, unwind and experience some of the best South Africa has.

Get the family, your friends or partner, choose a Saunter and spend a brilliant day or 2 or more.

Visiting the Artist and Crafter Studios - Important Information

Please check the website. It varies artist to artist as these are private studios and not shops. There are other options in each area in case a particular studio is closed. Planning will be important.

The Saunter is different: For most of the studios, unless stated otherwise, call ahead to make an appointment, in case they are not in.

Please check the website to see what methods are used to avoid disappointment.

The location of some toilet facilities means that some studios do not have a toilet for the public to use. The website and the maps will indicate if a toilet is available.

Wheelchair access is shown with the wheelchair symbol.

News & Tips

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