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About Us

The Gillitt Foundation

  • Begun in the early 80’s by 3 friends wanting to do some good without their names being publicized.
  • Running projects aimed at helping indviduals and businesses to reach their potential


At present our focus is to set up and drive The Saunter and Highway Hashtag, which will support and bring business into the area. Profits from this project will be used for educational support in Maths and Science in KwaNuyswa as well as wildlife conservation support, specifically rhino conservation in KZN and pupil enrichment in a school for the deaf.

The long term intention is for The Saunter to be set up as a non-profit organisation in its own right within 2 to 3 years, and Highway Hashtag to become after a period of our support, a normal business, with a clause in its articles to stipulate that 25% of all profit made be used for local charitable causes.


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