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Kelly was born in Johannesburg and grew up in Durban. A few years of her life were spent living in the UK, and she currently spends much of her time in Asia.

With a degree in Fine art, as well as being an artist, Kelly’s profession is sourcing product internationally to supply into the local South Africa market. She consults for a Shanghai based international trading company and designs and co-ordinates their furniture ranges.

Her work is an internal self-discovery of identity. From her history of growing up in the 80s, she draws on her sheltered and protected childhood as a middle-class white South African female, juxtaposed with the true reality of the countries ‘state of emergency’. To her present life and roles as a full-time Mom, full-time business owner, and full-time artist.

Kelly was profoundly affected by the suffering and eventual loss of her father. This adds a complex layer to her self expression. Her work embodies expression and movement. There is an element of healing that is present as the viewer loses themselves in the waves and layers of colour. These complex layers of her work become more evident as the viewer looks deeper. Her passion for paint is evident in the dynamic creation of her work as she paints with her hands ‘there is no divide between myself and my work, I physically move the colour with my body’

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