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Recapture the Spirits of the Past with renowned historian and raconteur Alan Weyer, whose captivating narrative of this region’s proud history of spectacular battles and courageous people will add a new dimension to a visit to the Eastern Cape

During the 1800’s, the intrepid British Soldiers, Irish Immigrants and European explorers left their shores to begin a new life on the southern-most region of the African continent … region of the spiritual San and mighty AmaXhosa. What awaited them in this region of wide horizons eclipsed their wildest imaginings. Experience a rare and unique insight into their lives, the profound influence of this region’s proud history, and its far-reaching consequences.

These talks are not conventionally historical, because Weyer doesn’t interpret history merely as a sequence of events. The focus is on interpersonal reactions, identifying with the people involved in the struggles of the past on a personal level. He tells of how the Xhosa, the Khoi-Khoi, immigrant farmers and British settlers were all inextricably bound together – tales of indomitable determination and gritty humor.

Alan Weyer’s fascinating narrative of remarkable conflicts and dauntless people, offers a rare and unique insight into their lives, and the profound influence of this region’s proud history and its far-reaching consequences.

It’s a story that must be heard … a past that captures the imaginations of all visitors, and the idea that somehow, we all have an ancient and personal investment in the area, that explains its magic.

· The story is told on Signal Hill outside Grahamstown and takes about two and a half hours, morning or afternoon.  Meet in Grahamstown and follow Alan for approximately 3km to the site.


Historian, Alan Weyer.

  • RRRR
  • Price Range R3500 for groups of 1 to 10 people