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The Bat’s Cave Trail in the Nahoon Point Nature Reserve, East London, starts at the MBSA Coastal Education and Visitors Centre.

Just a 35 minute drive from Cintsa, is a lovely walk to interesting sandstone rock formations carved by the sea and wind over the centuries.

The walk will take 2 to 2.5 hours with lots of time to stop and take photos.


It is a very pretty walk with good views and much of it is along a recycled plastic boardwalk. The boardwalk is raised above the dunes to allow visitor access without creating damage.

You will pass the ” world famous excavation site where the oldest human footprints known to man were found in 1964.”  When two municipal workers rested in Bat’s Cave, they looked up and saw human footprints, animal tracks and a bird like mark on the roof of the cave. They reported it and it was found to be ancient fossils of the prints of a child, two antelopes and a bird, dating back some 124 000 years (although there is dispute regarding this aging). Regardless, these are the oldest human footprints in existence, making the entire Nahoon area a very important and protected area. The roof of this cave has now collapsed, but a rocky slab in which these prints are perfectly preserved is now on display at the East London Museum. This archeological site is still being excavated today.

The boardwalk weaves through the nature reserve, taking you down to the beach below.  The trail winds along the beach and sandstone formations through a number of coves and steep sandstone cliffs.  Bat’s Cave itself is only accessible at low tide and is about 1,1 km’s from the Education Centre.”

Natures Whisperer knows the area and tides well and can accompany you for a small donation for his time, alternately you can use a guide from the education centre. We suggest that you visit the Education and Visitor’s Centre before you leave..


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